Reliability Standards Under Development
The RSUD page provides access to all projects including: Reliability Standards, Standard Authorization Requests, Periodic Reviews, and Interpretations.
Once standard(s) are adopted by the NERC Board of Trustees, the project is moved to the Archived Reliability Standards Under Development page and the standard(s) are added to the appropriate family of standards on the Reliability Standards page.
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Reliability Standards Under Development
Projects in Active Formal Development 
​2016-02 Modifications to CIP Standards - CIP-002, CIP-003, CIP-004, CIP-005, CIP-006, CIP-007, CIP-008, CIP-009, CIP-010, CIP-011, CIP-012-1
​2017-01 Modifications to BAL-003 Phase II​
​2019-04 Modifications to PRC-005-6
​2020-02 Modifications to PRC-024 (Generator Ride-through)​
2020-04 Modifications to CIP-012
2020-06 Verifications of Models and Data for Generators​​
​2021-01 Modifications to MOD-025 and PRC-019​
​​2021-02 Modifications to VAR-002​-4.1​
​​2021-03 CIP-002​
​2021-04 Modifications to PRC-002-2​
​2021-06 Modifications to IRO-010 and TOP-003​
​2021-07 Extreme Cold Weather Grid Operations, Preparedness, and Coordination​
​2021-08 Modifications to FAC-008​
​​2022-01 Reporting ACE Definition and Associated Terms​
​2022-02 Modifications to TPL-001-5.1 and MOD-032-1​
​​2022-03 Energy Assurance with Energy-Constrained Resources​
2022-04 EMT Modeling​​​
​2022-05 Modifications to CIP-008 Reporting Threshold​
​2023-01 EOP-004 IBR Event Reporting​
​​2023-02 Performance of IBRs​
​2023-03 Internal Network Security Monitoring (INSM)​
​2023-04 Modifications to CIP-003​
​2023-05 Modifications to FAC-001 and FAC-002​ 
​2023-06 CIP-014 Risk Assessment Refinement​​​
​​2023-07 Modifications to TPL-001-5.1 Transmission System Planning Performance Requirements for Extreme Weather​​
​​​ ​Standard Processes Manual​
2023 Standard Processes Manual Revisions to Address SPSEG Recommendations​
​​​​ ​Interpretations
None at this time
Projects in Informal Development
None at this time​​
Projects Under Consideration for Development
None at this time
Periodic Review Projects
2022 Periodic Review Standing Review Team - Standards Grading
CIP Standards Efficiency Review
Standards Efficiency Review
Projects Under Research
None at this time​
Standards Under Field Test
None at this time
Continent-wide and Regional Standards Waiting for Board Adoption
None at this time​