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​​Welcome to the Account Log-In/Register Page


This page allows a user to gain access to the BESnet and Standards Balloting applications.  In addition, System

Operators are able to gain access to SOCCED to become certified, as well as track and maintain their certification through

Continuing Education Hours (CEHs).  The ERO Portal is a web-based one-stop-shop which allows a user to maintain their own

ERO Portal account (reset or update the password for the account, update the security questions for the account or update the

email address or other demographic data associated with the account).  The ERO Portal provides users with access to NERC

applications or tools such as:  NERC Working Groups and Committees, NERC Email Distribution Lists (Groups) and the ability

to request removal, the Misoperation Information Data Analysis System (MIDAS), the Coordinated Functional Registration (CFR)

Tool, the Centralized Organization Registration ERO System (CORES) and Align.


Support links are also provided that will allow you to obtain help if you are having trouble with an application.

PASSWORD issues? Please read prior to submitting a ticket.

If you are opening a NERC Support Ticket to assist with your id/password (other than SOCCED),
please select Password Reset as the Service to ensure your ticket is routed to the proper support.


Application Link ​Support ​Technology
NERC Support Ticket​​ERO Application
Coordinated Functional Registration (CFRs)​​NERC Support Ticket​ERO Portal (XRM)
​ERO Portal
​​NERC Support Ticket​​ERO Portal (XRM)
Misoperation Information and Data Analysis System (MIDAS) ​​NERC Support Ticket​​ERO Portal (XRM)
NERC Data Stores and Extranet Sites​​NERC Support Ticket​​ERO Portal (XRM)
NERC Email Distribution Lists​​NERC Support Ticket​​ERO Portal (XRM)
​NERC Membership​​NERC Support Ticket
​​ERO Portal (XRM)
Standards Balloting System (SBS)​​NERC Support Ticket​​ERO Application
System Operator Certification and Continuing Education (SOCCED)​SOCCED (Brightlink)