Regional Standards Development
NERC develops and maintains Reliability Standards, including regional Reliability Standards, that apply to bulk power system owners, operators, and users. Regional Reliability Standards, when approved by FERC and applicable authorities in Canada and Mexico, shall be made part of the body of NERC Reliability Standards and shall be enforced upon all applicable bulk power system owners, operators, and users within the applicable Regional Entity's region, regardless of membership in the region.
Regional Reliability Standards shall provide for as much uniformity as possible relative to NERC Reliability Standards across the interconnected bulk power system of the North American continent. A regional Reliability Standard shall be more stringent than a continent-wide Reliability Standard, including a regional difference that addresses matters that the continent-wide Reliability Standard does not, or shall be a regional difference necessitated by a physical difference in the bulk power system.
A Regional Entity may request that NERC approve a regional Reliability Standards development procedure. These procedures delineate the steps involved in obtaining regional approval of a regional Reliability Standard.
Only Regional Entities may submit to NERC a request to approve, revise, or withdraw a regional Reliability Standard. NERC will post the proposed regional Reliability Standard, including the implementation plan and the justification for the standard. The progress of the development of the regional standard will be posted on the NERC regional Reliability Standards Under Development web page.
Please click here for information on the status of regional Reliability Standards currently in development.
For more information, submit a ticket via the NERC Help Desk.
MRO Reliability Standard Processes Manual11/5/2021
NPCC Regional Standard Processes Manual11/23/2020
RF Regional Reliability Standards Development Procedure10/24/2012
SERC Regional Reliability Standard Development Procedure6/15/2021
Texas Reliability Entity Standard Development Process5/30/2017
WECC Reliability Standards Development Procedures9/13/2021