Reliability Issues Steering Committee (RISC)
​​​​​​The Reliability Issues Steering Committee (RISC) is an advisory committee that reports directly to the NERC Board of Trustees and triages anRISC Meeting Scheduled provides front-end, high-level leadership and accountability for nominated issues of strategic importance to bulk power system reliability. The RISC assists the Board, NERC standing committees, NERC staff, regulators, Regional Entities, and industry stakeholders in establishing a common understanding of the scope, priority, and goals for the development of solutions to address these issues. In doing so, the RISC provides a framework for steering, developing, formalizing, and organizing recommendations to help NERC and industry effectively focus their resources on the critical issues needed to best improve the reliability of the bulk power system. Benefits of the RISC include improved efficiency of the NERC standards program. In some cases that includes recommending reliability solutions other than the development of new or revised Reliability Standards and offering high-level stakeholder leadership engagement and input on issues that enter the standards process.