Real Time Operating Subcommittee (RTOS)

For information prior to September 2020: Operating Reliability Subcommittee

The Real Time Operating Subcommittee (RTOS) assists the NERC Reliability and Security Technical Committee (RSTC) in enhancing Bulk Electric System (BES) reliability by providing operational guidance to the industry; by providing oversight to the management of NERC-sponsored information technology tools and services which support operational coordination and by providing technical support and advice as requested.​

  • Provide subcommittee report for the regularly scheduled RSTC meetings.
  • Endorse or approve as applicable revisions to Reliability Plans.
  • Develop comments on the annual State of Reliability report.
  • Develop comments on Adequate Level of Reliability metrics.
  • Develop recommendations to the RSTC on reliability guidelines.
  • Develop responses to other directives and requests of the RSTC.
RTOS Meeting Schedule
RTOS Roster
RTOS Scope
RTOS Work Plan
BCRC Reliability Plan 2023-06-01.pdfBCRC Reliability Plan June 1, 2023
ERCOT_Reliability_Plan_2023_20230208.pdfERCOT Reliability Plan February 8, 2023
FRCC RC Reliability Plan.pdfFRCC RC Reliability Plan April 1, 2023
MISO Reliability Plan.pdfMISO Reliability Plan June 1, 2023
NPCC_Reliability_Plan_2-9-2021.pdfNPCC Reliability Plan 2-9-2021
Peak_Reliability_Plan_20131230.pdfPeak Reliability Plan December 30, 2013
PJM_Reliability_Plan_4-1-2021.pdfPJM Reliability Plan 4-1-2021
RC West Reliability Plan.pdfRC West Reliability Plan May 4, 2023
SaskPower_Reliability_Plan_20121212.pdfSaskPower Reliability Plan December 12, 2012
SERC_Reliability_Plan_3-24-2021.pdfSERC Reliability Plan 3-24-2021
Reliability Plan - SeRC Southeastern Subregion_5-5-2022.pdfSeRC Southeastern Subregion Reliability Plan May 3, 2022
SPP_RC_Reliability_Plan_1-7-2022.pdfSPP RC Reliability Plan January 7, 2022
TVA_Reliability_Plan_3-1-2023.pdfTVA Reliability Plan March 1, 2023
VACAR South Reliability Plan.pdfVACAR South Reliability Plan June 1, 2023
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